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On Demand Technical Training

Phase 4 Design looks at online training differently than a lot of other organizations.

The tag "We Make Training Count" used on our flyers describes how we approach the technical learning process in an online environment. It cannot be a one shot deal. With our training if you have or are attending any class, you are entitled to attend any future session for that class at no charge.

Our digital classroom has been designed to do multiple HD on-camera views and presentations of your instructor as well as working system hardware and software. The classroom allows us to do voice, video and add Multi-Media content. Each training session has an Instructor that narates the Training Guide page by page. Multi-media examples provide the best possible user experience. Our classroom environment is platform independent and can be attended on Mac, PC, Tablet, Smart Phone, etc. This platform is Cloud based and provides a highly reduntant video service.

Essentially our training is an enduring relationship that begins in the online classroom, but does not end there. Every student has the right to attend any future session of the same class at no additional cost.

All of our online classes include a detailed Training/Reference Guide. The Guide is written to be as much a training manual as a reference that includes many real world examples and information that will help you in the field. The Training Kit also includes a USB Flash Drive with demos, bonus materials and software tools. For more information click the links below.

Basic 2-Way Training Kit and RoIP Integration Training Kit on our Products Page.



The On Demand Basic 2-Way Training course is here!

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On Demand Basic 2-Way Radio Training

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Our “On Demand Basic 2-way Radio” training class offers the same great training materials as our live class, with the freedom to view the recorded class, for 60 days, on your own schedule. This course covers a variety of subjects in-depth, such as Electronic Theory, Radio System Design and RF Safety plus lots more! Included with this course is a 250+ page color guide as well as more valuable reference materials on a flash drive.

Take a look, I have prepared a set of short videos showing a section on RF Resonance from Module 2 and RF Safety from Module 7.

Demo on Resonance----- Demo on RF Safety
Click one of the images above to start a video

Course cost : $895.00 for all 8 training Modules!

Contact Dave for more information on our training programs.



On-Line Telex RoIP Boot Camp

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Thank you for your interest in our RoIP Boot Camp Training. We are not scheduling any RoIP Boot Camp Classes currently.

This course is currently in the process of migration to an
On Demand format. There are no scheduled classes at this time.

C-Soft 7.7, has changed how the console is configured and relocated the Telex System Runtime Folders. This change has required us to update the RoIP Boot Camp Training Guide. We plan to do the updates over the Winter of 2022-2023. Once the Training Guide is updated, we plan to publish a new On Demand Class in Q1-2023.

If you are interested in attending this class when it is released, send an email to Dave, we will notify you when the new class is available.

This course is dedicated to the Telex Radio Dispatch System. We will learn design, installation and maintenance best practices, as well as advanced IP-223/224 radio interfacing. This course will cover configuration of IP-2002 and IP-1616 hard consoles, as well as the ADHB4 Advanced Headset Adaptor. Students will be able to build a simple demo console in class to test different C-Soft Console configurations. Additional advanced topics can be included, such as SIP, Console to Console private intercom and DTMF ANI Signaling with the IP-223.

Telex makes major changes in C-Soft 7.7 in 2022

C-Soft 7.7 introduces significant changes in how the Console is configured. There are several new features and feature updates, a new C-Soft Designer, a new TSM and improvements in SIP phone operations. Most of the operational and default folders have been moved. AIS operations have been updated.

2022 RoIP Boot Camp Class Schedule


These are just a few examples of why you would attend the 2-Day On-Line RoIP Integration Boot Camp.

Are you considering a Telex Radio Over IP Dispatch System?

Did you just inherit a Telex Radio Over IP Dispatch System?

Do you need to add SIP to your Telex RoIP Dispatch System?

Is your travel budget at zero?

Do you want to get up to date with C-Soft 6.x or 7?

Do you need to upgrade to C-Soft 7?

Do you need to replace your IP-223s with IP-224s?

Are you trying to Activate a C-Soft 7 License?


Contact Dave for details about our online training programs.

Call 425-402-7308x1 or email Dave - dave@phase4.org for more information, scheduling and payment.



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