On-Line RoIP Integration Boot Camp  

Are you considering a Telex Radio Over IP Dispatch System?

Did you just inherit a Telex Radio Over IP Dispatch System?

Do you need to add SIP to your Telex RoIP Dispatch System?

Is your travel budget at zero?

Do you want to get up to date with C-Soft 6.x or 7?

Do you need to upgrade to C-Soft 7?

Do you need to replace your IP-223s with IP-224s?

These are just a few examples of why you would attend the 2-Day On-Line RoIP Integration Boot Camp.

This course is two days dedicated to the Telex Radio Dispatch System. We will learn design, installation and maintenance best practices, as well as advanced IP-223/224 radio interfacing. This course will cover configuration of IP-2002 and IP-1616 hard consoles. Students will be able to build a simple demo console in class to test different C-Soft Console configurations. Additional advanced topics will be covered, such as SIP, Console to Console private intercom and DTMF ANI Signaling with the IP-22x.

We cover a lot of material during the session, so the class size is limited to a maximum of 15 attendees. A seat will be reserved upon receipt of PO or payment.

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We have the RoIP Boot Camp available for 2017!

New Guide, updated for C-Soft 7!

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Wednesday/Thursday - June 7, 8 2017

2-Day On-Line RoIP Integration Boot Camp - 6/7-8/2017

seats available

If you are interested in an On-Site Boot Camp, please contact dave@phase4.org for more information.





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